Sunny Days

Here’s To Us


Here’s to the friends who have never left your side. To those who will always answer the phone. The friends who are always there when you need them the most.

Here’s to the friends who are separated yet remain inseparable. To those who meet up and nothing has changed. The friends who rearrange their days for the shortest of reunions.

Here’s to the friends who see your pain when everyone else sees the smile. To those who lift you up. The friends who drag you out of the darkness.

Here’s to us who have been through thick and thin. Here’s to us who always end up back together. Here’s to us, having fought through the pain, reaching for the stars. Here’s to us smiling past the struggles, laughing our way to the top. Here’s to us with a friendship that’s here to last.

Here’s to the friends who turned into family. Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.

Here’s to us.

15 years and counting

Here’s to 15 more ❤


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