Sunny Days

Dance For Me Baby


You know what I love doing? Putting on some music and just dancing round my room…it’s a lot more fun when I’m just in my underwear too!

Nothing beats literally letting your hair down and just dancing to your hearts content. Nothing I love more than a good night out where I can bust out my definitely-not-so-great dance moves.

The best thing is that when I’m lost in the beat I simply do not care. I’m so preoccupied with whatever fun I’m having with whatever friends are there that ‘looking cool’ is the last thing on my mind.

And I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about getting lost in the music that makes you feel so free, as if nothing could go wrong. It’s as though all the stress disappears when you put that music on and simply dance. The sheer amount of fun can be seen through that smile on my face and in turn you can see the confidence exuding with every move.

I love going to the gay clubs with my housemates especially. It may sound a bit strange but when I’m dancing in places such as Heaven, I feel incredibly beautiful. There’s no guys there (well no guys who would be interested in a straight tiny blonde girl dancing!) and maybe that’s why I feel beautiful…because I’m there dancing because I want to and I’m doing it to enjoy myself. Simply enjoying the music with my friends, lost in that moment, lost in that beat.

I love being lost in that beat.

Dancing to the beat of my not-so-broken-heart.

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